• A. Board of Directors (Central Management Committee)

The Board of Directors is a policy implementing body elected by delegates at the Annual Delegates Conference. The Board is made up of 9 members from Sacco. This is the governing authority that implements resolutions of the Annual General Conference, & directs the affairs of the Society.

Below are the directors of Quicklink Courier Savings and Credit Cooperative Society who come from different Saccos across the country.


  • B. Executive Committee

The Executive Committee comprises of 3 members elected from the Board of Directors made up of the Chairman, Treasurer and Honorary Secretary. They are responsible of the day to day running of the Society.

Mr. John Kamonde


Mr. David Mugiira(Treasurer)

Mr. Njeru Ismael



  • C. Education Committee

The Education Sub-committee consists of 3 members who shall be members of the Board of Directors. The Vice-chairman of the Society is the chairman of this committee. The committee is responsible for members' education; preparing periodical reports on educational and information and publicizing the same for the benefit of the members.

Mr. Francis Mweteri Mr. Bernard Kipngeny Madam Idel Njeri


  • D. Credit Committee

The Credit Committee consists of 3 members of the Board of Directors who should not be members of the Executive / Education Committees. The Credit Committee holds meetings as the business of the Society may require, but not less than once a month.

The Committee inquires carefully and diligently into the character and financial conditions of each applicant for a loan, and his/her guarantors, if any, to ascertain the applicant's ability to repay fully. The Committee endeavors diligently to assist members to solve their financial problems

    Mr. Morris Kavulavu
                        Mr. Duncan Mbae 
    Mr. Duncan Kipkorir


G. Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee is elected by delegates at the Annual Delegates Conference. The Supervisory Committee consists of 3 members who are NOT from the Board of Directors. The Committee is responsible for the verification of all the transactions of the Society and writing periodic reports of their findings to be tabled at the Annual Delegates Conference.


    Mr. Martin Muli
  Madam Beatrice Muthoni 
    Mr. Duncan Kipkorir


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